Sunday, August 29, 2010

for my birthday...

...I would like at least 30 followers. :) It is in 30 days (Sept. 28th), so i hope to reach my goal and go over it. Thank you to all of my followers. I mean this with all my heart when i say you make me very happy! I love all your comments you give me and i always make sure to comment back. <3


Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hello everyone, today I'm feeling like a tattoo Thursday i guess haha. I've been wanting a tattoo ever since I've been seeing all of these amazing tattoos that my fellow bloggers have. My taste for tattoos is simple and small i guess.. I love my grandpa and he disapproves any type of body mutilations, so i want to be respectful but still be who i am. To be honest I've always wanted a tattoo but i was too afraid of the commitment. Lately though, I've been very spontaneous ever since i started my blog, and i love it! So here's my thoughts on a tattoo. I've wanted a butterfly (maybe a butterfly in a cage?) behind my ear, its simple and a good start since not many people would see it. Its also very unoriginal... but who cares! Tattoos should be something you love and will love forever, that being said i completely disagree with "fad" tattoos AKA the sparrow, but lets not get into that. Heres some tattoo pictures for ideas.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Whats my age again.

So my birthday is in about 34 days and I will be turning 19. I can't wait to turn 19, i like the sound of 19 rather then 18.. not to sure why, maybe its because its closer to 20. I also notice that the years are going by a lot more quickly, not too sure if i like that.. I don't think I'm going to be one of those people that enjoys aging, just yesterday i thought about how I'll be 20 years from 40 soon, and I nearly gave myself a heart attack. (I shouldn't think about that stuff) Also, I don't really need want a birthday. Not because it creeps me out that i'm getting older, but because i just don't feel like its necessary for turning 19. On another note, when i was little, I always thought 20 was the age to get married and have babies. I'm turning 20 next year, and now i don't know why i thought that, but there's no way.

Anyways, i don't mind being an adult(at most times) and frankly its irritating to be judge by your age and receive little to no respect from older "adults". I, personally would love to turn and stay 20 something forever, life's good then. This brings me to another topic, my friends. Most (almost all) of my friends are boys guys, so in theory being a girl, i am somewhat more mature.. i guess. So basically what i'm trying to say is i enjoy being around guys rather then girls. I just enjoy their humor and their laid back personality. I do admit that i missed out on a lot of "girl" things (but i think i turned out just fine). Don't get me wrong, i don't avoid or have no friends as girls. I've juat always, for some reason, drifted to the south park watching guys. Ironically i LOVE makeup and everything else girly...

Heres some flashbacks of a year ago.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


China Glaze in first class ticket. Love this color! It really looks lovely in the sunlight because of the the blue flecks in it.

close up of the color

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I really need to make a to do list/goal and actually do it... so here i am making it official on my blog.

1. Buy my own laptop. Currently i use my boyfriends and my dads laptops.. so I'd like one for myself so i can be more dedicated/inspired to do this blog. Not saying I'm not already but it would be exciting to have my own laptop. Oh and by the way when i say laptop i mean notebook. :)

2. Buy a D-SLR camera. I've had one before, i loved it more then anything but i was having issues with money and had to sell it. It broke my heart, but the extra money helped out. Anyways, i use to have a canon but i feel like i'm more of a Nikon person haha. So yes, that will be a very expensive goal, but it would make my blog pretty.

3.Color and cut my hair. Yeah, i know that doesn't sound like a big deal, but i find changing you hair style/color can be very inspiring. I'm thinking red.. I've already lightned my eyebrows (i love it!) and im going to make an appointment Tuesday. I'll post pictures of the results. :) I was going to book the appointment for Sept.2 with my friend, hopefully my hairdresser has room. Oh, and as for the cut... i have no idea... I don't know what shade either..

4. Re-do my bedroom. This is going to be a lot of work... First off I'm changing rooms, so that's a lot of work already. Secondly my sisters room that i will be taking is GREEN.. like green green.. I've tried to consider working around this, but there's no way, plus there's a jungle themed wallpaper thing on one wall so yeah... lots of work. I'd like it to look like this..(that's never going to happen, but i can dream :(..) i need something inspiring and welcoming. My goodness I'd never leave the room if it looked like this.. *sigh*

5.Start building my wardrobe. I need to start buying clothes and adding on to my barely there collection. I love thrifting (thats not a real word is it..?) and i don't intend on spending a lot of money on pieces.

6. Go to school. This is a whole other blog post on its on so i'll just leave it at that for now. I will however say its to become a makeup artist.

7. Get 100 followers. Okay this ones somewhat out of my reach but hopefully i find a way to make it happen. Seriously this is embarrassing but i actually gasped when i saw i had 11 followers. You guys have no idea how happy you make my when you push the follow button. <3

I have no idea what picture to post for this. haha

*note I have found these pictures all over the web. I count credit these since i didn't know where they originals where from. sorry!

A huge regret

Okay so at first i was pretty limited for buying brand names, so when i found out we had a Benefit counter this whole time i got carried away and bought more then i should of... Lets just say this product was a huge regret. *sigh* I don't remember how much it was exactly but i'd say around $30. To me, thats very expensive for a simple product and its even worst if the product doesn't even do anything. It does make my skin very soft, but then again, so would a primer. Also i hate how it smells, sorry Benefit! :(

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Products I'm loving

NYX finally is sold where i live and what can i say... i'm obsessed with it. D: I love everything about the shadows and i'm sure in the near future i'll have a nice collection. I'm trying to save money so i've been holding back and so i bought some neutrals i can wear every day. :)

colors in nude, taupe, and dark brown (dupe for MAC's charcoal brown)

NYX single eyeshadow in Champagne (dupe for MAC's All that glitters)

(from left to right) Champagne, Nude,Taupe, and Dark brown


L.A. Girl matte in Matte Indigo, with a clear top coat. I know that completely destroys the purpose of a matte nail polish, but it looks so pretty when its shiny, and hopefully it will last longer. These nail polishes are around $3 depending on where you live.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Excuse the messed up blog, i'm in the middle of changing it. It might be a little uninviting for a bit..

bokeh_sushi Pictures, Images and Photos

hehe i thought this picture was cute. Sorry i have no idea who did it.. as i found it on photobucket.

oh yes, i almost forgot.. i'm looking for bloggers that i can help promote on my page, it really does help if you have it all ready on your blog. ;)

Nail trend

I was looking at my Sept. issue of Elle magazine and saw this beautiful "nail trend" for the fall. I usually don't have the need to follow every new trend a magazine thinks is great but to be honest i couldn't agree more. I love grey nails! Its goes with just about everything and if you choose the right shade for you, it doesn't look loud or bright, yet it makes a statement. Also.. just a thought, i might call it zombie nails... :P just a joke though. :)

different nail swatches. *note, i mixed all these myself

fail polish i did before... it was so thick.. i made a new batch and did them over. (don't have a picture of the new ones, sorry!) :) Now they don't look all lumpy and dull, plus theyre a bit darked without all those sparkles.. ew!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Cosmetic Art

Some people would disagree... but i think you can easily make art out of cosmetics. Not saying i can as of now, but hopefully in the near future after school.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cinnamon rolls and the Forks.

Here's a quick look at my weekend, I didn't take too many pictures but I still hope you enjoy!


Looking back

Here's some pictures I've taken awhile ago when i had my old camera. I don't think they're very good but oh well. :)

please don't steal my pictures :)


shinyyyyy o_o