Monday, April 25, 2011

Long lashes trick

(Now before you get excited, remember that every ones different and these trick may or may not work as well for you as they do for me.) So here are what my eyelashes look like, yeah i know they aren't THAT long, but still a lot longer then before i started this combo, and they do reach my eyebrows. :)

Are you ready to see what the secret recipe is? haha

Yep, nothing special, or expensive actually. Much better then spending $200 on a eyelash serum i'm sure.. The story behind the 3 items above is a long one, and i didn't buy all of these at the same time, they kinda just happened together one day..
First is my favorite 2 in 1, The Physicians formula eye booster in ultra black. Not only is this the best liquid liner i've ever used (its so easy to apply!) it also has eyelash growth serum in it as well. But remembering what i said in the beginning of this post, this may or may not work for you. But regardless of it working for you or not this is an inexpensive eyeliner AND it works amazing too.. so it wouldn't hurt to try it if you were curious. (Also you can get a full price rebate

I bet you're curious about why i have two mascaras out? It's no secret that a lot of people like to layer their mascaras, but in my case thats not entirely true. I found the brush on my L'oreal mascara to clump my lashes together so easily and found myself with spider leg lashes... ew. So i found my neglected Too faced lash injection (which i hate since its so dry..) dipped the brush into the l'oreal formulation and found myself the best mascara combo. :) I haven't tried actually laying them (ie. Applying L'oreal with the normal brush and then add the too faced over top)
seeing how it can get clumpy quickly so i find this way much more fool proof.

I bought my eyeliner for $14 (still waiting for the money back rebate) at shoppers, and the L'oreal for $11 at Walmart. As for the Too faced mascara.. i think it was $14 but you could use any full/dense brush like it.

Monday, April 18, 2011

New foundation routine

So every once and a while i like to change up my foundation routine. Usually it will be a few things here and there that will replace an old item, since i can't afford to be buying all new makeup every few months. This time I've gotten 3 new items to try out, revlon colorstay for oily/combination skin (i love the dry skin formulation but my skins been getting oiler..) palladio rice powder in translucent (which i haven't tried out yet), and hard candy baked bronzer in tiki.

The revlon colorstay has been my favorite foundation for a while now and it easily beats any high end foundation i've tried (and i've tried a lot of them...) And since my skins been getting a lot oiler i thought it would be a nice change to try out the one for oily skin. The big difference between the two formulations is that when holding the two foundations side by side in the same color (ivory) I found that the dry skin formulation was more pink, and the dry formulation was more neutral, which is something im always looking for. :) One downside to the drier formulation was that i had to blend it waaay more quickly, and it was of course more drier. Other then that, this foundation is something i would happily use on clients, i love it.

So far i've been loving the tiki bronzer, its very shimmery though and more like a MSF from mac. It's been giving my face a nice glow, but if you go overboard im sure you could easily look like a disco ball.. D: I love the color, and the packaging is pretty nice too. I've been wanting a MSF from mac for a long time, so im super happy to have this instead.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

School supplies

No matter what you do in the beauty field it will usually always be up to you to supply yourself. Now even though i'm in school and they do give you the basics, most of us still feel that its better getting our own things. After all being an esthetician is all about having your own style. So i thought it would be neat to share some of the things i've been thinking of picking up someday, for school and for working on my future clients. I've already picked up my wax warmer by GiGi, with a mini epilating loion pack and some honee wax (its inside the box, i forgot to photograph it!), after im finished the nail tech class we should learn how to wax right afterwards so thats when i'll start to use that. Here's what that looks like.

And i'm really liking Avo juice by OPI a lot, i like the smell and the texure, sooo, i'm trying to find the best one to buy in full size. So far i LOVE berry merry rose juice, but i think it's discontinued :( haha.

and heres the stuff i`m thinking about getting.. (Star nail Fibergel)

(Portable manicure table)

(GiGi chocolate creme wax)

I also bought seche vite top coat, orly rubberizer base coat (amazing) and some OPI polishes here and there.. i`ll do another post on that though.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Just practicing makeup on my sister and then my first fiber glass tip nails with gel wrap.. with a poorly done french paint on top! haha