Thursday, August 19, 2010


Excuse the messed up blog, i'm in the middle of changing it. It might be a little uninviting for a bit..

bokeh_sushi Pictures, Images and Photos

hehe i thought this picture was cute. Sorry i have no idea who did it.. as i found it on photobucket.

oh yes, i almost forgot.. i'm looking for bloggers that i can help promote on my page, it really does help if you have it all ready on your blog. ;)


  1. Hi! Your photos are super cute. I've been blogging "properly" for only a couple of weeks; I think the only way we'll get followers is by actively commenting the hell out of other people! We can team up if you like!

  2. haha yeah i just found that out too. Thankyou! I love your blog, i can't belive you just started. :O

  3. You have a GREAT blog. I love the look of it :)

    That image is gorgeous! x

  4. Thanks! haha it was actually kinda an mistake that all worked out.

  5. Thanks for your comments, and adding my button :-D Want me to use your icon under 'About Me' for you? Haha at your tattoo comment; it's only my first but the funny thing is that I have no worries about getting sick of it, I'm just already worried that I'll run out of space that I'm willing to get done, before I've tattooed everything I want on my body... already have number two designed! Also, I know you're new to this too, but is there a way of getting email notifications for new comments on your own posts? I guess maybe I've disabled that option or something...

  6. Your welcome! haha I love tattoos :) I'm sure your never going to be sick of them too, i'm thinking about getting one soon! And for the comments thing, i'm having the same problem also.. i changed the settings on my page so only bloggers can comment for now so i dont get tons of hate comments, but now it never shows me when someone comments... i have to look at every post to check. :/ I did get notifications once when i had the comments open for everyone. I also still get emails, but it would be nice to have them on my page. I'll let you know if i figure out anything!