Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We ♥ Fall

After looking at this ad from forever 21, i now want all things fall inspired. Too bad we don't have a forever 21 around here. *sigh* Not to mention fall is pretty much over soon anyways here, soon there will be snow. Lots and lots of snow. So enjoy the pretty pictures, and my apologies for the blah posts recently, hopefully this weekend will be eventful.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Well actually, I didn't wear this today. I was looking for something to wear tomorrow and started playing dress up with my new tights i have haha. Enjoy. Ignore the pair of jeans in the background! ha

Almost forgot! This shirt was from walmart :D plus the bow i stuck on it (random)tights from Aldos, and skirt was actually a dress that shrunk so yeah haha

Oh my...

That's all i have to say.

The Versatile Blogger Award

The lovely Kathleen from inspirafashion has given me the versatile blogger award. :) Sorry this was so late!!

Rules are:

* Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award: So once again thank you so much Kathleen! :D

* Pass the award along to 15 other bloggers who you recently discovered and think are fabulous.

Cheap Thrills
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* Share 7 things about yourself.

-My favorite movies are, Day After Tomorrow, Signs, War of The Worlds, Resident Evil, and All of the Harry Potter series. Very random mix.

-I love drinking coca-cola, i drink it a lot, i should be ashamed..

-My favorite food is pizza, i could eat it all the time.

-I've been on again off again with my boyfriend since we we're 14. We tried again when we we're 17 and have been dating since. We are now 19 btw.

-I usually do mass amounts of research before buying anything.

-I treat my two cats like princesses haha

-I always like to cook for people but i would never cook as a career, i hate it. (And yes i've tried it.)

Friday, October 15, 2010

For those who like random pictures... you go! These are from a week ago and I thought I'd share them. Prepare yourselves for very random photographs!

Yup, very random pictures.

Outfit of the day

Well somewhat, I still suck at making outfit pictures but oh well. Here's a simple sweater I bought for like $9 and then stuck a bow on it. ha ha, i love it. Oh and i also wore my black oxfords with it... Anyways, happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the awful picture quality! :D

Theres a cat in the background.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cupcakes, Cosmetics & Cats

Here's a quick look at some new things I've acquired over this last week. I'm usually the type that buys things and then regrets it afterwards but this time i love it all. :) First we have the order from Coastal Scents which felt like forever to ship here. :( I also decided to give in and buy Revlon Colorstay foundation and L'Oreal Studio Secrets face primer. (yay) Oh, and I finally repurchased my beloved Clinique face moisturizer.

Coastal Scents also sent me a sample of Black Magic glitter and its so beautiful. :) Sorry that I didn't photograph it.

Also I finally filled my MAC pallet and i put the 4 extras i don't use in the quad i have. yay!

These are amazing tights!

and lastly my cute Sweetpea cat.

Monday, October 11, 2010

I ♥ Winnipeg

picture by Bryan Scott

Well maybe not love...
Just like many people who live here, I have a love hate relationship with it and the more you explore + get to know the city and all it's hidden treasures it gets more and more interesting each year. That being said though... it does get real boring especially at night... Oh and also, Winnie the Pooh got his name from here, so yeah. ha


I wanted to show you all some amazing Winnipegger blogs I've found, some of these blogs i have found for this post and others i've already have been reading. :)

Winnipeg Love Hate

The title really says it all and I'm loving it. This blog is made up of beautiful photographs of Winnipeg by Bryan Scott. His photography makes me proud of this city.

Cheap Thrills

It still baffles me that this beautiful Winnipegger is only 17 years old! Raez is an amazing fashion blogger, and all of her pictures look like something out of a magazine. I love her style, it makes me want to try something new with my wardrobe and take a risk for once.


Its so cool to see a blogger living in the same city plus the same age. (or at least I think so?) As you can see by my blogger list she is one of my favorite fashion bloggers and for good reasons. This blog is very inspiring and i love her cute outfits! Definitely a loyal reader of hers. :)

Weirdos of Winnipeg

Okay, I just stumbled across this one today and although it hasn't had any new posts recently, its sooo funny! I can't believe the things people say to each other, even though I'm sure I've said some things worthy of this blog. haha. Definitely should check this one out and read it through.

The Urban Sasquatch

Don't let the name fool you, this blog is actually about pizza. If your a pizza lover like me and you live in Winnipeg, you might actually want to bookmark this blog. It has ratings of some of the well known pizza places all over Winnipeg, so the work is all done for you, now you just have to order. Lets just say next time I want pizza I'm going to Santa Lucia Pizza.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


You know when you take a picture and it looks good on the camera screen but then when you upload it to the computer it looks awful? Well that's what happened to most of the pictures I took this week. :(

Oh well, heres some pictures i did while bored with my new scarf from Aldos. I have no idea how to wear it yet... I'm a scarf newbie.

I thought it would be funny to wear it as a skirt, i didn't actually wear this out though.

Monday, October 4, 2010

this is all i have

If my blog was a child, i would be an awful person. I've been at my aunts house since friday and will be staying here until the weeks over and lets just say... i forgot my camera cord. :'( I do have lots of things to show you all but alas, i cannot. So instead i will show you some pictures i've found on that have something to do with my week so far. I'm sorry that this post is so boring. :(