Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nail trend

I was looking at my Sept. issue of Elle magazine and saw this beautiful "nail trend" for the fall. I usually don't have the need to follow every new trend a magazine thinks is great but to be honest i couldn't agree more. I love grey nails! Its goes with just about everything and if you choose the right shade for you, it doesn't look loud or bright, yet it makes a statement. Also.. just a thought, i might call it zombie nails... :P just a joke though. :)

different nail swatches. *note, i mixed all these myself

fail polish i did before... it was so thick.. i made a new batch and did them over. (don't have a picture of the new ones, sorry!) :) Now they don't look all lumpy and dull, plus theyre a bit darked without all those sparkles.. ew!


  1. Love that colour!

  2. Me too! I love gray polishes right now.