Tuesday, August 28, 2012

MAC Marilyn Monroe Fall 2012 Collection


Let me tell you, i've never been more disappointed in MAC then I am today. This
collection was suppose to be a big deal, something people have known about all year and THIS is what the packaging looks like? Garbage.
Of all the things they could of done with this and they made it look SO very tacky... ugh I'm so fed up with MAC.
I actually though this was the cruella deville packaging from the Villains collection from afar...

Anyways, I had to be the one to say it since it seems no one has yet. I'm seriously disappointed with the design, it's like they knew her name sells well and so they slapped on a picture of her (not even a good one for that matter) and is trying to sell it as the Marilyn collection. :/

Monday, August 27, 2012

Free Ad space available!

Alright so stupid me deleted my fellow blogger's buttons advertised on the side of my page so i'm currently taking first come first serve buttons of 248 x 81 (sorry that's a weird number, i couldn't decide) so start designing!

And no, you don't have to do a button swap with me but if you wish to my button will be provided in the post, just send me your button in the email along with your blog link. Yay lets get this side bar filled!

Email: girlmeetsworldblog@live.co.uk

Girl Meets World

August Favorites

Okay, so bare with me on this one. My camera just broke today, the day I decided to blog of course... *sigh*But oh well, I'm going to use pictures from the internet and credit the people below. I know that sucks but at least its something.

So here's my August favorites!

Tarte Dollface blush

LOVE this blush! It's a light soft pink without looking powdery on the skin. Gives me a nicenatural glow, although I haven't experienced it's "long lasting" abilities.

picture by Glitter Geek!

Maybelline full and soft mascara

I've had this mascara for EVER now. It's lasted me a good long time without drying out and it makes my lashes look amazing with no flaking.

Picture again by Glitter Geek.

Nivea Creme

I've been actually using this on my face and while it may be too heavy for someone with oily skin, this works perfect for my dehydrated combo skin. I just pat a light layer over my face and my skin feels moisturized but not greasy.

Picture by The Notice

L'Oreal Infallible lip color

I'm so in love with this product and so it my mom and my granny. :D Its a cream color where you apply a THIN layer to your lips, let dry for 2 min. minimum and apply the creamy lip balm. It's the most perfect thing, it doesn't smudge so you don't have to worry about wearing a lip color. It does however flake a bit if you either; A. apply a thick coat or B. eat oily food.

Picture by Saaammage

A quick look at my summer