Friday, February 25, 2011


I'm a little late on this (very late actually) but hopefully you all get a chance to enter her awesome giveaway and get her more followers. Head over to PERICHARMED's blog and enter to win this very generous giveaway. If you win you will receive a MAC eyeshadow, blush and lipstick or lipglass of your choice! :)
It ends on February 28 so h
urry before time runs out. :O

Friday, February 11, 2011

Covergirl Natureluxe foundation

I've been really wanting to try something that's more light weight and doesn't make my skin look like it obviously has makeup on it. I decided to try the new covergirl Natureluxe in alabaster (305) the lightest shade they make.
I have to say I'm pretty happy it docent actually make my skin look pink, because that's usually a huge issue with drugstore foundations for me. It also smells really good, but not a strong smell like their blushes, its smells fresh and summery.
The only thing i don't like about this foundation is the fact i find it doesn't last very long, which for me is a problem since i have dry skin AND i set it with a powder, so i can't imagine how it will be for oily skin. Other then that i love how light it is and it doesn't make my dry skin look dull or cakey(which is a nice change). It cost me around $14 which is ridiculous, and if i were to buy this again i would never spend that much for it, its not that special. Also i had to go to 3 different stores before actually finding one that carried the lightest shade, which happened to be the most expensive of the three stores...

For all my U.S. followers, if you wish to test this foundation out for yourself for free click this link! :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Beautiful Micas

I tried so hard to get these to look like they do in real life. This is as close as I got!
I bought these Micas at Coastal Scents for $1.00 each. Micas can be used as eyeshadows, lip colors, coloring candles, nail polish, pretty much anything you want color in/on! All of the little baggies have a good teaspoon of mica powder. I haven't tried them out yet but I've heard they need a base to keep them lasting through out the day. I guess i'll find out.
I'm really happy that i did my research on the colors because i'm so pleased with every single one of them. :)

Inter Violet Sparks
(White with purple duochrome)

Antique Gold
(shimmery golden/bronze)

Blackstar Green
(A very dark shimmery green)

Chameleon Glitter
(Reddish brown with green duochrome)

(Peach with blue duochrome)

Misterioso Bronze

(Bronze with lot of shimmer)

Cover Girl Cheekers (rose silk)

So it not like i really needed blush... but since i had this coupon for 'buy 2 cover girl products get $3 off' i thought i'd just get this. I also bought a foundation but i'll show that later.
So anyways, apparently i'm an idiot since i never even used the coupon!!! GRR, the only reason i bought an extra item(blush) was because of the coupon....! Oh well at least i still love it.

For those who haven't tried out these before they're amazing quality and they smell so good! Or at least I like how they smell, if you don't like scented things I don't think you'll enjoy it though. :(
Oh, and i also enjoy the brush it comes with! Its not super amazing but it does a good job for on the go.

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Cover Girl Cheekers in Rose Silk

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Boredom turned into art

Just something i did real quick for fun. I only did one eye since there really was no point to do both haha. And now its time for me to sleep since i have a migraine.
Oh yeah, it's edited a little :P but you get the idea.

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Friday, February 4, 2011


I use to be a huge fan of purples when i first started out with makeup, but now i'm not a huge fan of them... I am really wanting a nice 'grape' colored purple though to add to my collection of mostly plums.
Hmm... I use to think i had a lot of purples but now after seeing all of them together its not too bad haha.

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From left to right; Dior Amber Plum, MAC Plum Dressing, MAC Stars n Rockets, MAC Beautiful Iris, Wet n' Wild Kitten.

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From left to right; NYC Plum color from the Individual eyes "Brown eyes", Revlon Colorstay 13 Lavender Meadow 1st and 2nd color , Costal Scents Warm palette 3rd last row, last 2 colors.

7 Beauty Characteristics Tag

Elisa from memorable days has tagged me to do this lovely 7 Beauty Characteristics Tag. I really like the idea of this since most people today could easily pick out 7 things they don't like about themselves, so it's nice to this for a change.

picture from weheartit

1. Hair: As much as my hair drives me crazy and never seems to do what i want it to do, I'm very thankful to have long heathly hair
2. Eyes: I always liked the shape of my eyes, they're very easy to work with when i'm doing my makeup.
3. Eyebrows: It took me a long time to get my eyebrows to a shape i liked, but i finally have done it!
4. Hands: I really like how my hands are so girly and tiny yet don't look out of place.
5. Feet: haha i don't love or hate feet but i'm really happy how my feet look and how semetrical they are, also i'm a size 7 so it easy to find shoes.
6. Eyelashes: I know a lot of people aren't very blessed in the eyelashes area so i'm very happy to have gotten long thick eyelashes.
7. Finger nails: It took me awhile to like my nails, i have very long nail beds and i use to hate it. Now i'm very happy that i can have long looking nails without growing them out.

That was fun! Now it's time to tag 7 people.