Friday, February 4, 2011

7 Beauty Characteristics Tag

Elisa from memorable days has tagged me to do this lovely 7 Beauty Characteristics Tag. I really like the idea of this since most people today could easily pick out 7 things they don't like about themselves, so it's nice to this for a change.

picture from weheartit

1. Hair: As much as my hair drives me crazy and never seems to do what i want it to do, I'm very thankful to have long heathly hair
2. Eyes: I always liked the shape of my eyes, they're very easy to work with when i'm doing my makeup.
3. Eyebrows: It took me a long time to get my eyebrows to a shape i liked, but i finally have done it!
4. Hands: I really like how my hands are so girly and tiny yet don't look out of place.
5. Feet: haha i don't love or hate feet but i'm really happy how my feet look and how semetrical they are, also i'm a size 7 so it easy to find shoes.
6. Eyelashes: I know a lot of people aren't very blessed in the eyelashes area so i'm very happy to have gotten long thick eyelashes.
7. Finger nails: It took me awhile to like my nails, i have very long nail beds and i use to hate it. Now i'm very happy that i can have long looking nails without growing them out.

That was fun! Now it's time to tag 7 people.


  1. Cool post! i love what you like about yourself, especially your hair and your eyelashes!

    thanks for tagging me :)

  2. Great tag and answers. Thanks so much for tagging me. Will definitely try and do this soon.

  3. I want your eyelashes @_@ !!! mine aren't long nor thick T_T i always say NOOOOO ='( when I loose an eyelash lol xD

  4. Aw! I know what you mean, i feel the same way when i see one fall out haha! I love eyelases. :)
    although, every single mascara is so dry for them! I've tried so many and they all fake on me.. and make my eyes SUPER ichy :'(

  5. Hey sweetie :) thanks for tagging me ! this tag looks so much fun! I'll let you know when I post about it ^^

    Im so jealous about your beautiful eyes and eyelashes ><

    and i nominated you for a blog award! hehe here's the link hun