Thursday, January 27, 2011

Brand or Bargain

Which one are you?
I'm a bargain type of person. It feels way better to get as much (or in most cases more) for a cheaper price. I don't know about you guys but for as long as I can remember, I'd always feel guilty for splurging on department store makeup and i still do today. When I first started liking makeup I thought high end was the only was to go, in fact i spent $90 on 3 things at Dior once... (that still haunts me today). What really bugs me about that is I don't even use the 2 eyeshadows i got... Pretty much everything that I've spent a lot of money on, I end up hating. Is anyone else like that??

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to own a Nars blush, or Urban Decays Primer Potion, but i feel like I'd just end up returning them since i can get a good enough (to me at least) dupe at elf or somewhere haha. I'm so cheap, but its so much more rewarding for me to find a cheaper, just as good product to replace those cult classics everyone loves. Not to mention, i get to share my finds with you and we all save money. :)
I thought this would be a good chance to share with everyone some cheap alternatives of some favorite products. (alternatives, not dupes)
Please note:
Not all of these products will necessarily work for you as they do for others, same goes for the higher end products. Everyone is different.

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First row: MUFE HD powder - Coastal Scents silica powder spheres
Second row: UDPP - Elf eyelid primer
Third row: Nars blush deep throat - Elf Studio Blush Candid Coral
Forth row: M.A.C. MSF soft and gentle - Hard Candy Honeymoon


  1. I am just like you are and always go for more affordable and have never been one to purchase department or more name brand make-up, just drugstore...but the Make Up For Ever HD translucent powder is the one thing I do own and it is my favorite...and for $30, it lasts almost a year being used 1-2 times every single day, so, it makes the price so worth it! :) I have tried the E.L.F. knockoff of the NARS blush and it is wonderful, but I haven't used any of the others...great post, Aubrey!

    Liesl :)

  2. Thank you! I just ordered the coastal scents powder since apparently the only ingredent in MUFE HD powder is silica! :O So im really hoping that its the same thing!!! :) Then we only have to pay $6 dollars instead of $30 hehe

  3. I tend to go both ways. There are some things I have to buy name brand and others that don't bother me if it's a bargain brand. For example, I only use MAC face powder... but my blush was $1 at a bargain store. I think a mix is the right way for me. :)

  4. I am also a bargain hunter so i understand you view on getting something that's close to the pricey thing for a better price. So in my collection, i mostly have drugstore things with an occasional high-end product here and there.

  5. yeah i love to mix it up sometimes :) whenever i buy something from MAC i never return it. I always love everything i get from them.

  6. I do love getting a bargain :) but i do enjoy splurging from time to time, although make up isn't something i normally spend a lot on.

  7. great post. would love to see more of these.

  8. Thank you! i will keep a look out for more 'dupes'. i'm always searching for shades and products to replace the more expensive version. :)

  9. Blush and eyeliner are prime in my book. i don't go out without it, and bargains are great!!!

  10. wish we have Hard Candy over here :D! looks pretty!