Monday, January 24, 2011


I was on Stumble Upon looking at different beauty things and i saw this site
Hmm sounds interesting?
Well after looking at the stuff on their site (which by the way claims that everything is real) i saw so many fakes. I can't tell you everything on there is for sure fake, but either way its not worth it. After looking at this site for a while i'd say that everything is indeed fake.
Seriously look at this stuff. Its terrible.

And the sad thing is so many people are buying from them and have no idea that they bought a fake.
I'm upset that these people are buying these products and they have no clue theyre being ripped off. So please spread the word!


  1. I would be upset too. that's why i only buy from stores directly, and not online. it's always hard to know what's real, and what's not.

  2. yes so true, i would never buy makeup from ebay because i'd be too scared about what i;m actually getting.

  3. ahwww... it's very risky to buy make up or things like bags(with brand) on ebay or sites like these, since you never know it's real or not =(

  4. btw. Aubrey i tagged you ^^ :