Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cupcakes, Cosmetics & Cats

Here's a quick look at some new things I've acquired over this last week. I'm usually the type that buys things and then regrets it afterwards but this time i love it all. :) First we have the order from Coastal Scents which felt like forever to ship here. :( I also decided to give in and buy Revlon Colorstay foundation and L'Oreal Studio Secrets face primer. (yay) Oh, and I finally repurchased my beloved Clinique face moisturizer.

Coastal Scents also sent me a sample of Black Magic glitter and its so beautiful. :) Sorry that I didn't photograph it.

Also I finally filled my MAC pallet and i put the 4 extras i don't use in the quad i have. yay!

These are amazing tights!

and lastly my cute Sweetpea cat.


  1. I lalalalove Revlon Color stay. Sometimes I have to reapply it during the day but it goes on so nice and non greasy. Love it. And are those red velvet cupcakes? I made Red Velvet cupcakes tonight. Best, ever.

  2. yes they are! :D
    and yeah it really doesnt "stay" as long as it says but your right about how it applies, i love it too! I'm actually impressed that it stays well around my under eyes since thats what i want to conceal the most.

  3. those cupcakes look delicious!

  4. those cupcakes look delicious!xx

  5. i love cupcakes! and the eyeshadow shades are lovely! im a cat lover :) kitty is so cute ^^

  6. Yes it does kind of lie but that's okay. My friend doesn't think the flex one flexes as much as it says. As soon as she makes a different face it cracks and peels. But I don't really have any problems with it, so I continue to buy it.