Monday, October 4, 2010

this is all i have

If my blog was a child, i would be an awful person. I've been at my aunts house since friday and will be staying here until the weeks over and lets just say... i forgot my camera cord. :'( I do have lots of things to show you all but alas, i cannot. So instead i will show you some pictures i've found on that have something to do with my week so far. I'm sorry that this post is so boring. :(


  1. aw no worries lovely, your blog posts are always interesting! no matta what (orbit commercial lady voice) lol. love all the pics, esp the Easy A one haha. oo and gave a shout out to you in my blog post ;).

  2. awe, cute post. it looks like your week was relaxing :D

  3. Love the colours of the top photo! Have fun at your aunts house :) x

  4. so you're gonna go out with a bang at bed bath and beyond! cute photos!
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    Danke schön!

  5. No need to worry at all, but I totally understand how you feel when you are away and unable to blog...I felt that recently myself! Thanks for sharing some pictures you found and I look forward to seeing yours too!

    Liesl :)

  6. very lovely pictures my dear :)
    cute blog.

  7. If your blog was a child... who would be the father? XDXDXD