Tuesday, February 21, 2012

would be nice...

It's been so long since I've bought something for myself. I actually haven't bought anything since last year and it's slowly killing me inside. hahaha...

So i made a little list of some things that would be nice to have once I can afford it again. Let's hope I don't run out of anything before that time comes...

-Urban Decay book of shadows 4

-Sigma F45 buffer brush

-Cover girl lash blast (As much as i hate the brand this is a good mascara.)

-M.A.C. mineralized skin finish natural in Light

-M.A.C. pro longwear foundation in NC15 (so pale)


  1. i love covergirl lash blast :) nice pics xx

  2. I've heard very good things about the mascara!

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  3. Don't you like the M.A.C foundation? It works so well.

  4. try the max factor lash effect mascara i think its called but you cant miss it because the bottles are similar xx

  5. Gosh, I wish I could say I haven't bought anything for myself in over a year... over a week even, would be an accomplishment, I think. I tend to spend so selfishly every single day. Even if your reasons for not buying for yourself is because you can't afford it or whatever, I still think it's noble and humble! I admire that!

  6. I have a few MAC things on my wishlist at the moment but I'll have to wait to be able to afford them!

  7. I totally feel your pain.. I'm so poor right now and am on a bit of a saving kick, my usually awesome make up buying routine has taken such a nose dive.

    I've signed up to glossybox so I can get little mini products for £10 a month even though I can't buy full size right now :)

  8. I've been eyeing the mac prolongwear. :)

    Now following you.
    Hope you will follow back too.


  9. I want those MAC cosmetics as well. Cosmetics shopping always enlighten my mood!

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  11. You should try the Rimmel Glam eyes mascara, it's really good.. and cheap (at least here in Scandinavia) :) I'm following you now and I hope you will follow me too XX


    1. I have! But... the only thing is it flaked like crazy for me. :(