Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 13: Goals

Where to begin?

I have so many huge goals for myself it's starting to get pretty stressful, especially since i HAVE to do most of them right away or I'll be in trouble.

1. Get a job

2. Pay off bills

3. Save up money

4. Find place to live

5. Find second job

6. Finish final exam

7. Work in a salon

8. Save up money for a SLR camera

9. Try and fit my blog into my day to day life

10. Try and live life as stress free as possible. ( I get stressed way too easily...)


  1. Great blog, i really love the look. I will definitely follow. AND Don't stress!! Take it one day at a time :) Hope everything works out for you.

  2. I get stressed way to easily - but how do we work on that when it's something that just happens? thats what im wondering lately -.- we'll get through it though!! great goals girly!

  3. love this post xx

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    Follow me x

  4. you're not alone. i share like 9/10 same goals! best of luck :)

    My blog: Boho Vanity

  5. I get stressed way to easily as well! I am in the process of trying to save money, but I am no good at it.

    I just started following your blog and i love it.
    This year I am trying to make my dreams come true.

    follow back please?
    thank you, much appreciated <3 :)

  6. Goodluck with all your goals, it can get overwhelming at times but I am sure you can achieve it all!

  7. hope you don't find yourself getting too stressed!
    lovely post!


  8. take deep breaths and everything will be ok! writing them down certainly helps though! good luck :)

  9. Hey I think your blog is cute:] and I definatly relate to this post lol <3

    Follow Me I'll follow back

    <3 Larissa

  10. I have just done the Schooled with Wikifashion tag and have tagged you in it, just in case you don't see the post!
    Zoe xoxo

  11. Aw I share a lot of those with you too (especially the stress free one)! Goodluck on your goals :) You can do it!


  12. Just discovered your blog and LOVE it! Now following you xx

  13. They're such good goals! Any that I think of just seem silly haha.
    I hope you achieve them, I guess the saving up for an SLR comes with a job doesnt it haha?

    As for living stress free- I think we've got to take one step at a time and embrace every opportunity :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  14. That's a lot of goals :)
    I like making lists like this. What's life if we aren't working toward something?