Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 1: Introduce, recent picture of yourself, 15 interesting fact

I turned 20 this past September, and i know nothing actually changes when you grow a year older but life keeps getting better and better for me ever since the 28th of September.

To name a few things that have happened, I graduated from Scientific Marvel to become a esthetician and work in a fancy shmancy salon/spa. I fell in love with the sweetest guy ever (those perfect dream guys in movies don't even come close) who would probably die inside if he ever saw how terrible i am on this blog for grammar and whatnot... >.> Oh well!

ANNNDD that's about it for the real big things, but you get the idea, right...?

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I was going to put a nice picture for this post, but then I was like nah, I'm going to give them a really dumb looking one instead, so here you go. :)


1. July 2011 I found a kitten chilling in a ditch near by my house, so i took her home and made her into a princess. Her name is Emma.
2. Not very original of me, but i LOVE pizza. I could eat it alllll the time.
3. My favorite band is The Shins, as seen on a previous post.
4. I'm a lover of all things cats, I also have 3 in my house.
5. I love having blond hair, its my favorite of all the colors I've gone through. which happens to be several shades of brown and red.
6. I love coke, i drink it all day instead of water sometimes...
7. I want to travel someday.
8. I've only been to Saskatchewan, Alberta, and North Dakota. FANCY HUH?
9. I have a chocolate stash in my room. Shhhh.
10. My younger self only really hung out with guys, which made beauty school a weird environment, which I quickly adapted to. (I think)
11. I get really bad migraines and it's only going to get worse apparently.
12. I eat way too much, and it mostly consists of junk food...
13. New years eve is my favorite 'holiday', even if I'm not doing anything.
14. I want a border collie someday. So cute!
15. I love taking pictures and hopefully I'll start taking more for this blog!


  1. Love the layout of your blog! And such a lovely story about the kitten! My cat passed away recently so I'm sorely missing him!

    Please take a look round my blog and follow back if you like:

  2. lol, you totally looked shocked xD

  3. this is a seriously cute blog!

    I love meows too! got 3 myself!
    i found a 5 week old kitten last summer hiding under a car during a storm, I said "hello" and it purred around my legs and followed me.
    shes now sleeping on my head and goes by the name of "Her Royal Highness, Princess" Poppy.


  4. Cute layout. I'm your newest follower!

  5. i love the new layout, looks really good. and this is a really good idea, i might try it myself ha!
    aw that kitten story, how lovely


  6. I LOVE need to do this one! You look great and the blonde suits you beautifully! Glad you like taking pictures so much too!

    Liesl :)