Thursday, January 19, 2012

Blonde hair care

So as most of you know, my hair is lightened. I got it done during the summer of 2011 (last year) and have gone through many different treatments to get it just right. It took me until Nov-Oct to get it the way I wanted it, which was basically 4-5 months. So if you just lightened your hair and it's not how you expected, don't give up, it takes more then one go.

I use 2 different shampoos to upkeep my blond from going brassy. I've tried John Frieda brand purple shampoo and it does nothing compared to the one I'm about to talk about.

Clairol Shimmer lights- I get the smaller size (8 oz), but it comes in 31.5 oz as well as a 16 fl oz. Its fairly inexpensive no matter where you go to buy it, and it's probably one of the best purple shampoos out there unless you're willing to pay big bucks on other ones. (Which i find pointless)
The only downside is the smell, it's pretty perfumed and it smells cheap, luckily that doesn't transfer on my hair so I have no problem with it.

Next is Rusk Sensories bright shampoo (yes i use two shampoos)- While this shampoo may be on the more expensive side depending on where you find it, I've never had my hair feel so clean, like i mean squeaky clean. You also just need a quarter sized amount for your hair, i have long hair and its plenty. The downside of this shampoo is i find it not as effective as Clairol in the 'purple' department, as it doesn't tone my hair as much as the Shimmer lights does.

I love both shampoos and i find they work very well together, or maybe I'm just OCD about my hair feeling clean... either way i love both of them and have used them for a long time now. :)

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