Tuesday, April 12, 2011

School supplies

No matter what you do in the beauty field it will usually always be up to you to supply yourself. Now even though i'm in school and they do give you the basics, most of us still feel that its better getting our own things. After all being an esthetician is all about having your own style. So i thought it would be neat to share some of the things i've been thinking of picking up someday, for school and for working on my future clients. I've already picked up my wax warmer by GiGi, with a mini epilating loion pack and some honee wax (its inside the box, i forgot to photograph it!), after im finished the nail tech class we should learn how to wax right afterwards so thats when i'll start to use that. Here's what that looks like.

And i'm really liking Avo juice by OPI a lot, i like the smell and the texure, sooo, i'm trying to find the best one to buy in full size. So far i LOVE berry merry rose juice, but i think it's discontinued :( haha.

and heres the stuff i`m thinking about getting.. (Star nail Fibergel)

(Portable manicure table)

(GiGi chocolate creme wax)

I also bought seche vite top coat, orly rubberizer base coat (amazing) and some OPI polishes here and there.. i`ll do another post on that though.


  1. Nice stuff,I would definitely want to try the chocolate creme!