Monday, January 17, 2011

Darn you Modcloth

I LOVE this skirt so much, I probably wear it so much that it would be so wrecked afterward..
I think of so many ways to wear it, only problem is that its from modcloth and as much as i love them, I will never buy something from them.
Why won't I buy from them you ask?
Probably because no person in their right mind would pay $39.99 + $42.91 s&h for a skirt!
That's $82.90 for a freaking skirt.
So unnecessary...
I know lots of people who would pay over $100 on clothes, which doesn't even bother me, i would too if i could. Its the fact I have to pay more money for s&h then the actual skirt. I'm from Canada, I'm not even overseas and i'm not even that far from the U.S. border.
Oh I'd also be paying $42.91 for s&h even if i bought a tiny little $5 idea too..
I don't get it...
I payed like $7 for s&h from coastal scents and they did an amazing job packing everything.
Maybe there's a good reason, anyone know why? Or maybe i'm doing something wrong?

Anyways, don't get me wrong, I love modcloth and if I could I'd spend thousands of dollars there. Its just this shipping thing annoys me, they're not even that small of a company now, i'm sure they could afford low shipping costs. (maybe)
On the bright side, it saves me money!! :) ha
Sorry for the rant, this post is slightly pointless but if you do have low shipping costs (I'm guessing you have to live in the U.S.) and never seen Modcloths website before, I highly recommend you looking.


  1. I like to make investment pieces, that I know I can wear on many different occasions. I don't think I could spend so much on one skirt. You have to try going to charity shops, you'll be very surprised.

  2. The skirt is amazingly cute but why is S&H so much? it's ridiculous. i wouldn't pay almost $85.00 for a skirt either. did you find out why it's so much?

  3. I totally agree! I do love charity shops, i always feel so good after finding nice clothes for really cheap.

    I still haven't found out yet why its so much. I'd understand if i was overseas, and apparently i might have to pay duty tax too if i were to buy it. Nothing like surprise extra costs too when you go to pick it up. :(

  4. I have the same problem being in the UK, it costs sooo much to ship here and most of the time, we end up having to pay customs charges too when it gets here :( it makes me sad x

  5. That is ridiculous!! If it makes you feel better I bought 2 sweaters from them and returned both. The quality was so cheap. I kept the hair bow, though:) Do you have a friend in the US who could ship it to you? So, ship it from Modcloth to them, then they ship to you? I've shipped to Canada and it's not that much.