Saturday, January 22, 2011

Coastal Scents

I'm sure a lot of people know about the 88 palettes but i don't think a lot of people look closely at the other things they have to offer! I've been so happy with this company so far and I've had no problems with them at all.Whenever i'm bored i'll go to the site and put together a shopping cart with the things i want to buy and kinda plan out the next time i get something. Right now i have a shopping cart going with 10 items in it, and it only costs $18.70 plus $2.27.

No one has asked me to write this stuff by the way, I just really want to share with you guys all the really inexpencive overlooked items in this store.

First up is the most awesome product that I don't think anyone really knows of, Silica Powder Spheres. If you ever look at the famous MUFE HD powder ingredient list you'll only see the word Silica. So basically you get the same product for a much cheaper price. (1oz = $4.75) You can find this under the Fillers & Additives section.

Second is their samples. You can get so many kinds of samples from them if you just look. I think all of their powders (face,fillers,blush,eyeshadow) come in sample sizes, along with their HD liquid foundation and all samples range from 49 cents to $3.00. You get a good amount of a sample too, enough to fill a 5 gram jar if i remember correctly. All samples come in a baggie.

Lastly I'd have to say their mica/pigments are very over looked too. You get a lot of eyeshadow for their sample size for $1.00. Or you can get a huge jar (it says 1oz) of a color for around 4 to 6 dollars and i mean you get maybe 3/4 times as much as a mac pigment. I personally wouldn't recommend buying the 1oz if its just for eyeshadows because i don't think one person could use that much eyeshadow.. Just a quick tip though, when buying the mica/pigments I recommend buying a filler sample too like Magnesium Myristate so the eyeshadows have longer wear time plus you'll get more out of them too. Just remember when buying these that you should read the product description and see if the color you want is approved for eye area, I also recommed always researching the color and to find swatch pictures since coastal scents pictures aren't always accurate.

Pictures taken from coastal scents


  1. nice post. thanks for telling us :) i agree and i'm one of them that just focuses on their palettes haha. next time i'll look up their samples!

  2. so true...the palettes are always talked about but not the other items. definitely going to check these out.