Monday, January 10, 2011

Clothes haul

I finally found some good lighting for this, it took me forever to get a clear picture for some reason...

Anyways, here what I got, some are thrifted and the others are from Sirens and Winners.

Element Sweater -thirfted for $10
(sorry about the extra pictures, I just love the little details on it.)

Tutu Skirt - Sierens $10

Bow skirt - sirens $10

Black long sleeve shirt - Sirens $5

Green long sleeve shirt - Sierns $5

Gap royal blue cardigan - thrifted (unsure of amount)

Givenchy lace tights - Winners $3

I will try to remember to make outfit posts!!! I always forget. :(
Also I found out you can get the Givenchy lace tights for $3 at Marshalls which I just found out thanks to this blog right here.


  1. i love the tights! and the detail of the sweater is very pretty!

  2. i loove your finds!! I esp love the sweater and skirt, they'd look so cute together. :)

    <3, Kathleen.

  3. You got some lovely things.

  4. Nice picks. There's nothing more healing to a sad soul than a shopping teraphy :)

  5. you've found such nice things, i especially love that jumper. jealousss :)
    oh and thank you for following me :) x