Sunday, December 12, 2010

Makeup look with new false lashes!

I probably won't be doing a lot of makeup looks in the future but i figured I'd show you one of the new lashes i got. Hope you enjoy! :) And also you don't have to use any of these products i did! Anything you have can easily replace what I'm using. Forgive my "talent" on not being able to explain things very well!! D:

Products used:

  • Foundation - Revlon colorStay
  • Concealer - Benefit boi-ing
  • Powder - Marcelle face powder in translucent
  • Blush - NYX eyeshadow in Cherry
  • Brow pencil - Covergirl brow & eye makers in Soft brown
  • Eyeshadows - Sephora mono eyeshadows in aspen summit & Coastal Scents hot pots in #S37 (i think..)
  • Eyelash glue - Duo in dark tone
  • Eyelashes - no name eyelashes from ebay
  • Eyeliner - NYC liquid eyeliner in Pearlized black
  • Mascara - MAC opulash in bad. bad black
  • Brushes - Eco tools angled brush and blush brush & MAC 217 blending brush

This look was so easy, i don't even really need to explain it! First off I did my foundation, concealer, and powder just like you would do normally (if you usually wear that stuff that is! if not don't worry) then i lightly added some hot pink blush (or in this case eyeshadow haha) Then i filled in my eyebrows lightly and extended them outwards just a bit.

For the eyes I put a light wash of the white and pink eyeshadow all over my lid. Then I glued on the lashes and took my liquid liner and lined my upper lid just enough to connect the false lash line to the eyeliner line. (hopefully that makes sense..) Oh and i also applied tiny lower lashes, but that's optional, i just used the pieces i cut off my other false lashes. Afterwards i lined my waterline with a white pencil (not shown sorry!) and put a light coat of mascara on my lower lashes only! I didn't curl my eyelashes in the end since they blended in nicely with the fake ones, but you might need to. And last but not least i did a light red lip stain by just tapping the lipstick on my lips and blending it with my finger.


  1. you're gorgeous :) the falsies look great on you

  2. oh my gah. you look so pretty! i love the lashes on you, and the lipstick color.

  3. so gorgeous. i am in love with those false lashes.

  4. Are those eyelashes the bulk package you bought? They look really good!

  5. Wow those are amazing eye lashes, I love falsies.

  6. i really love the look of those lashes! i am wearing Sherani right now. its on my blog. :)
    PS I am your new follower, if you dont mind to follow back, i;d really appreciate it!

    Rinz @

  7. wow! they look so great!!

    love, polly :)