Thursday, September 9, 2010

A little about me

Hi there!

I've noticed i hardly have anything about myself on this blog, so for those who would like to know, here's a few things!

  • First thing, I'm 18 years old, and will be 19 this month on the 28th. (I hate having a later birthday) :(
  • I am Scottish, Metis, and some European mix of randomness. In that order.
  • I love cats! And i have 2, they are my babies.
  • I seriously had no idea which career I wanted to do, until recently, and am waiting to be able to start school now.
  • I feel like a late bloomer, not in maturity, or growth, but for life things...
  • I live at home, and i think its a smart idea rather then myself moving out and becoming homeless and poor.
  • I can't drive. Yeah, i suck.

  • People always told me i was good (but I'm not) at art, but i hated drawing.
  • I love black clothes, not goth clothes though...
  • My hair really isn't that red, but its surprisingly close. (i haven't had my natural color forever.)
  • I love Harry Potter, more then normal probably.
  • I'm going to the school of makeup art, if you were wondering.
  • I enjoy zombie movies... yup.
  • oh and i almost forgot, i have my ears stretched to a zero, and 2 other normal piercing, and i love it. I've started about 3 years ago.

  • And that's all i can think of. :)

    *You can see my Harry Potter shelf in the background haha (All the movies and books, plus 2 owls)*


    1. you are too pretty! i love your blog. it has to be my favorite overall. i have gauges too. I'm a 0. and i love the color of your room!

      P.S living at home is such at great idea. I've saved thousands doing so myself!

    2. Thank you :) So are you!! And i LOVE your blog, its so beautiful. <3

    3. I'm 26 and still feel like a late bloomer in life things, so no worries :)

    4. <3! That makes me feel much better. I hate how people seem to judge me for it though, like i "fail" :'(

    5. Those pictures of you are great, love your red hair color (even if it isn't natural...hehe) and I love your green background! :)

      Had a wonderful time reading and learning more about you...those are always so much fun!

      Liesl :)

      P.S. I was a very late bloomer as well and I am much, much older than you don't worry...late bloomers have a unique beauty all our own! :)

    6. I don't get it; how big is a "zero"?

    7. Thank you :) i'm glad theres other people out there!

      I really never understood the actual sizes, but i looked online and it said 7mm. D: i don't know.

      thats the site i'm looking at. *confusing*

    8. love it! your a baby...i had no idea by your pic:) so gorgeous! clothes are my fave too! enjoy the weekend

    9. love this post! i am green with envy for your cheekbones and general face structure. you look lovely! xo

    10. your blog is fantastic. now following :)

    11. oo we're quite similar and you look lovely :) x

    12. Vic- haha i know! :) I get that a lot. Thank you, i hope you do too!

      agatheloff- thank you so much, first time i've ever really could look after my hair style. haha

      mi- :D yay, thank you so much <3

    13. emma- yay! I'm following you too. <3

      amy-really!? Thats awesome. :) Thank you.

    14. Cute post I love black clothes too. How exciting going to school of makeup art it must really interesting xoxo