Thursday, September 2, 2010

I need a new wardrobe

That being said, i'm actually re-doing my lack of clothes "collection".

So far, the only thing I bought was a white t-shirt with a satin bow on it, and a dark navy blue skirt. Both from Joe fresh by the way! I have yet to wear them, and i WILL try to do a outfit of the day, that will be a challenge haha. Seriously though, you should see my closet... its so empty. :(

Anyways, here are some lovely pictures of outfits to inspire myself, and hopefully you! (I will do my best on giving credit, but these are all from

From top to bottom


  1. Yaaay high waisted shorts! Shorts in general rock my world and make me LIVE for summer. I got your email, and will reply a bit later- busy day! Also, looove the new photo with the green background!

  2. wow..i love these girly pretty.