Monday, September 27, 2010


Its my 19th birthday tomorrow!

i took this picture on Ginnys 1st birthday :)

I'm not much of a birthday person though. I do love other peoples birthdays though, and i always make cakes for them. I just don't enjoy the fact its "my day" (even though I don't actually think that way) and to see how many people actually don't care like they do for others. Obviously i know a lot of people care, but i'm sure you know what I mean. Anyways, I'm excited to get older, for now at least. Next years 20! (scary)

& If anyone is curious, this will be a brief summary of my day. I really have no idea if those will be the right times haha I'm just guessing.

8:00-Wake up
8:30-Some what get ready
9:00-Get picked up by my grandparents
9:40-Go to the doctors... :'(
10:00-Go out for lunch
12:00-Go home
12:01-Be on the internet haha
2:00-Start to get ready for dinner here and there
4:00-Leave for dinner
4:40-Arrive at destination
5:05-Eat food
7:00-Go back to my aunt house
9:00-Go home
9:40-Go on internet :P
12:00-Go to sleep


  1. Oh happpy birthday :) hope you are spoilt even if you don't want to be ;)

  2. sounds like lots of fun! happy 19th birthday :D

  3. Happy 19th, my dear. I still remember when you were born... I think I still have the Colt your dad handed out, with your name and birthdate hand-written on it. 8)

  4. Happy almost birthday Aubrey! We must hang out in the near future. :D

  5. happy birthday! that picture of your cat licking the cake is so cute :D

  6. Thank you!

    and Jess, yes we should! I never even knew you had a blog. :P

  7. aw happy almost birthday! so just added you randomly on FB haha, hope you got the msg too. loove your blog, super cute. now a follower <3.

  8. Yay thank you! I also added you to my blogger list. :)

  9. OMG, I so know what you are saying on your schedule.
    Happy 19th!!!! OHH to be 19 again. :-)
    I would love to collaborate with you.
    I have a vintage store on Etsy.
    xx Emily

  10. happy birthday!! hope you have a wonderful day. xo

  11. happy Birthday Girl! I know what you mean...i love making everyone else's birthday a blast...not too big on my own...but you deserve a beautiful day:) enjoy

  12. Hope you're having a lovely birthday! Im now following you :)

  13. ohhh happy early birthday :)
    shouts from vancity!

    Cheers, B & Liv
    B L I V B O O K: darling&diva ♥

  14. Happy birthday, sister ^-^

    I love you of course, and when you get home tomorrow I'll be waiting for you! And I got you a present even if you don't want one. I know you'll love it!

    PS lol I remember that with Gin-Gin!

  15. Love your blog, following!
    Follow back? ^^

    Happy birthday! Hope your day is great

  16. Hope you had a wonnnnderful birthday!!!