Saturday, July 24, 2010


Just one more post before i go to bed. Its 2:10 am right now and im super tired... anyways i just got a package in the mail today and i thought i'd be nice and review the products for you. I was way too excited about getting this haha.

This is the wonderful box it came in haha these products are from P&G brand sampler. This offer is only available in Canada and its no long valid at the moment. I wasnt expecting much, just a few samples and some coupons, but heres what i got.

Inside was a package of crest white strips advanced seal for the top and bottom of course. Next was a mini secret deodorant clinical strength, also 2 travel sized bottles of pantene pro v thick to medium frizzy to smooth shampoo and conditioner. Lastly there was the venus embrace razor in purple, no not a disposable one, its the kind that you can keep buying new head for. I actually have it in blue already and it cost me a good amount of money to buy, so i thought that was pretty cool.

okay first off is the shampoo, i just used this yesterday and i love it. It made my hair feel so silky in the shower and now its very soft. I'm going to buy the full sized one when i run out, maybe the breakage one since im growing out my hair. P.S. it smells fruity and hair to describe.. to be honest it smelled just like this mermaid barbie i had when i was very little haha memories.

next was the deodorant and crest strip. now i've used the strip before and i can tell you that i LOVE them. it clings to your teeth so now you dont have to go through the longest 30 minutes of your life just waiting for your teeth to whiten, and let me tell you they DO whiten.. very good. downside is its SOOOO much money... $43 here in Canada and thats at walmart... but to be honest.. i hate how the normal ones slide off so maybe its worth it. AND now for the deodorant one of the products that i've never tried before and i will be buying the full size for sure. I knew these type of deodorants excised but i never thought to bother buying this kind and now im wondering why i didnt. Its the kind that you apply at night before you go to bed and then it keeps you protected all day long. It really does work too. :) its this creamy type of deodorant and its very silky. i have it on my bedside so i wont forget. plus side of this is now you dont have to worry about white deodorant stains on shirts AND if your in the rush to get out of the door one you dont have to worry about that.

last is the full sized razor. i thought it would of been a mini sized disposable one so i was pretty happy. I already have this razor and its amazing, not much to say about it but it has 5 blades and ribbon of moisture and glides through hair amazingly. :)

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