Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lush Collection

Hi! Today i was looking outside at the gloomy dark sky and i thought it would be a great time to show you all my Lush collection. I've used up most of the things I've bought but i still have a large amount of products I haven't used. Last summer i must of at least tried/bought everything in the store. o_o; So if anyone is thinking of buying a product and doesn't have the luxury of trying it out in the store then feel free to ask for a review. :) I would be happy to.

Heres a quick look at my collection..

My favorite soap! Honey I washes the kids. <3

My Easter gift :) It also came with a mini Honey i washed the kids soap.

I actually got this pink egg for free from them :)

The valentine collection. I also bought the mushroom bubble bar, but i used it :)

Ocean Salt!!! I love this stuff, this is my second pot. I love the smell, i love how it looks and i love how it works. :D

This stuff smells so good. :)

I got these 2 things from the naked collection. the $20 box thing. :) mini lush things are cute!


  1. Ooo pretty! I love Lush stuff.

  2. Haha yeah, there products are amazing.

  3. do you know how the honey i washed the kids soap work? there's this honey comb on top and it seems as though it doesnt dissolve... hmm

  4. Yup! Theres a real waxy honey comb on the top (which is so annoying!) haha I just take it off, it usually comes off easily. :) before i've left it on, but it just gets in the way. :(